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Crushing the Interview

"Before you build a better mousetrap, it helps to know if there are any mice out there."- Yogi Berra


After you’ve made a resume, the next step to tackle is the interview. Some jobs that you are interested in may not even need an interview, but at one point in your life, you will! So, follow these tips to help crush your interview.

The number one tip for your interview is to do your research! Know the job and the company that you are applying to. If you are applying to your local pizza place, make sure you know what the pizza place does and what your specific job will be. You should also get a good grasp of the type of people that work at the business, overall just know your audience.

The next tip is to make your selling points clear. What makes you unique? What makes you special? If you are very hardworking and very diligent, make sure you say that in your interview. Make sure you also say what makes you hard working. You can say, “I am very hard working and very diligent, for example, in school I always get my homework done the day I get it, to make sure I always get my homework submitted on time.”

The last tip is just to be prepared. Practice makes perfect. Practice with a parent, a friend, or any mentor figure in your life and ask them to interview you. If you do not have an answer to the questions ask, make an answer so next time you got it. Make sure that you are prepared for anything and everything. Employers have free range on questions, so the better prepared you are the better chance you have at getting the job.

Remember, you got this! Relax, take some deep breaths. Just make sure you are prepared for the interview so that it can go as smoothly as possible. Good luck!

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