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Camp Lee Mar

General Counselor/Support Staff: Seasonal

If you have a genuine interest in special children and wish to help them learn and grow

If you believe you can live in a very structured atmosphere

If you don't mind long hours, hard work and great satisfaction

If you desire to grow personally and professionally If you would like to gain valuable experience for college or your future career

If you love a challenge that will afford a memory to last a lifetime


Where is Camp Lee Mar? What range of special needs do your children have? Our Campers have a varied range of abilities within the mild to moderate classification. Our children are fully ambulatory and have a basic grasp of their daily living skills. We are looking for staff who can provide support and assistance with daily living skills, teach social skills and have a great time. Our aim is to teach our campers to be as independent as possible. What kinds of activities do you have at Camp lee Mar? Lee Mar has many activities including baseball, basketball, fishing, boating, swimming, drama, music, zip line, soccer, arts and crafts, and dancing (culminating with the Senior Prom at the end of the summer); as well as many other traditional camp activities. 

Full Description Here

Qualifications: Must be 18 by June 17, 2021 

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